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How do I find My Ring Size?

You can find the ring size in a number of ways. If it is for someone else, then probably the simplest will be to ask him or her if he/she knows the size. But if it is supposed to be a surprise gift to that person, then you may ask someone else like his/her mother about the size.

If the ring size is not known to the person, then one has to is to actually measure the circumference of the finger to determine the size to order. We give below a method to measure. It is important to remember that if the ring is a little larger, it can still be worn, but if it's too small you won't be able to get it past the knuckle. Thus it may be a good policy to err on the larger side.

How To Measure Your Finger
1. Find a piece of string about 6 inches long and wrap it around the base of the appropriate finger.

2. Use a pen to mark the point on the string where it overlaps, forming a complete circle around the finger.

3. Measure the length from the starting end of the string to the pen mark.

4. Use this measurement and the chart below to determine your ring size.

Tips For Measuring Ring Size
Here are some tips to make your ring size measurement more accurate:

1. After wrapping the ring sizer around the base of the finger, make sure it slides off easily over the knuckle.

2. Don't measure cold fingers, as this is when fingers are their smallest.

3. For the most accurate reading, measure the finger at the end of the day when the finger is the largest.

Ring Size

Measured Size

Measured Size

4.0 1  13/16 46.5
4.5 1  7/8 47.8
5.0 1  15/16 49.0
5.5 2 50.3
6.0 2  1/16 51.5
6.5 2  1/8 52.8
7.0 2  3/16 54.0
7.5 2  1/4 55.3
8.0 2  5/16 56.6
8.5 2  3/8 57.8
9.0 2  7/16 59.1
9.5 2  1/2 60.3
10.0 2  9/16 61.6
10.5 2  5/8 62.8
11.0 2  11/16 64.1
11.5 2  3/4 65.3
12.0 2  13/16 66.6
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